Fable Rush – OST (Steam level 1+ required)

Hey there! We are starting a new giveaway of 8000 Steam keys for "Fable Rush - OST" DLC - these keys are very valuable for removed Steam game collectors. It is really quick to get the key - just complete several easy tasks!


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed in your browser to check tasks, Discord account and a Steam account with level 1+


Complete all steps to unlock your free Steam key.


Fable Rush – OST (Steam level 1+ required) Discussion: 5

    1. They don’t do the giveaways, they’re promoting the sellers that are giving away keys for a game. So, it depends if someone buys keys for the game, afterwards tell GiveAway.su that they got keys for this game, and then we get the game. You can read more about them on site, if you’re curious

      1. Okay, then Giveaway.su must not allow Giveaways of removed games, trash games etc. because these are the games that are mainly given away. They’re just made up for giving something trashy to the users, that is not even playable in many cases, and they get follows, likes, subscribes… I:n the cost of a 100€ for Steam Greenlight.

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