Free A Game of Changes


Greenmangaming is giving away free Steam keys for A Game of Changes! Grab a key now!

Instructions: Click the green button to open the vip deals page, login into your account, scroll down and select the "A Game of Changes" free deal

Them copy the coupon code, buy the game at the Greenmangaming shop, and insert the coupon code in Greemangaming to unlock your Steam key for Free.


Free A Game of Changes Discussion: 38

  1. Are you not seeing the page as below ss

    Follow these simple steps to gain it
    1) Use any VPN apps if using mobile or
    Use any vpn chrome extension like
    Tunnel Bear


    Change ur country to USA in it and it will work easily

    Same Key Collector as you all comment on my steam profile if it works

      1. I had the same issue and my IP is US and is truly US located. This also happened to me with The Corp Lifestyle ga. Oddly, hours after the ga ended I checked the site and the ga was suddenly there (but of course no more keys). Who knows. But it works for most, so it’s a great post.

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