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Heroes of Hellas 3

Incredible Dracula

Mountain Crime

Prehistoric Tales

Rescue Team 5


Free Alawar Entertainment Games Discussion: 39

                1. level3? are you sure? i thought i saw level2. I have several accounts above level 5 with only free games on it (not purchased! steamgift or from giveaway). In any case, you can easily get to level3 just by completing some of the community tasks

                  1. I’m pretty sure it was lvl 3.
                    Anyway there is no big difference between lvl 2 or 3, but you have to have active steam account to get past lvl 0.
                    Your accounts are probably older and you activaded them earlier (when it was basically free).
                    Try to meake new account now – you might do comunnity tasks and this account still will be lvl 0.

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