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You just need to complete all steps via Gleam.


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  1. i get the key with no problem, but ubisoft told me wietnam hackers get to my ubi acc :D, they servers are so safety, just imagine i throwing my accs (a bit fake ones but still) everywhere, but nowhere in scum giveways, but i legit ubi forum i was hacked 😀

          1. @Deksoow Login With Another Gleam Account,Do Not Check Your Gleam Email,But Just Connect Your Twitter And The Key Maybe Sned To Your Twitter Email Or Your Twitter DM.Just Make Sure To Do All The Task Correctly.Thank You.

              1. Dekscoow,Here Is What To Do:
                1.On The Button On Any Giveaway By Gleam,You Can See Edit.Click There And Make Sure You Have Linked Facebook, Twitter,Twitch,And Steam.And also remember Your Gleam email
                2.If You Do Not Receive The Key,Edit Your Email Via buttom Text Called Edit.Still Do Not Get The Key,Tell Me

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