FREE Boons Farm Steam Key!


Claim a FREE Steam Key in our BRAND NEW Steam Game giveaway!

We are giving away the game Boons Farm today which has a lot of zombie killing action and is a true open world survival game made by amazing developers.

We hope you enjoy this giveaway, it's a quite demanding game compared to some other titles you've seen before from us.

You can contact us at for any issues and questions and we'll answer them all as soon as we can.

We hope you all have a great weekend <3

Much love to you all, MUCH LOVE ! <3


FREE Boons Farm Steam Key! Discussion: 42

  1. Since a few weeks ago we have a LOT more users right now and we’d like to ask all of you, if you experience severe lag , please close the site and wait 1 or more hours and come back, there are 10,000 Steam Keys in this giveaway so you will have enough time. In the meantime we can assure you that we are investigating lag issues and improving the server and site code wherever we can. Much love to you all and thanks for understanding.

    1. Why post up a giveaway knowing about the site having lag issues? From what I learnt around the whole web designs… The more the page lags, the lesser people will continue visiting/returning to the site. People already pointed out the overload of ads is one of the issues for the horrible lag. :/

      1. We can’t do much about other people sharing our giveaways as well, If we post at the site doens’t neccesairly lags, but some other sources do make our site lag, we don’t have control about that. We have a plan for our next giveaway, we will make sure that we post it first only at our smallest site/source and then we will let the users spread the word instead that we keep posting it all at once.

          1. That also depend on the server they use, we can’t afford million dollar servers of course. We have to pay for servers and we are already paying a lot for the current server. If you want new games in the giveaways we also need to have money left for buying those games for you to grab for free 🙂

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