Free Build Buildings (Steam level 5+ required)


Gamehag is back with another free game for you! 🙂

If you have any questions check out our FAQ in order to search for the answer. 

In case of any problems just get in touch with Misty on Gamehag (you can find her on your friendlist) and she will help you!

Have fun ♥,

Gamehag Team.


Important notes:

This giveaway requires accounts on following sites:

Steam (at least lvl 5), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Gamehag.


Free Build Buildings (Steam level 5+ required) Discussion: 11

  1. I can’t link my twitter account. There’s no option. I’ve contacted support and they all didn’t provide any real info. Please, just link me or something. I can never complete the twitter tasks.

              1. They are all suspended. Twitter hates me. I think I have to create a new gamehag account and try to deactivate my current one. Thank you so much for the help! You solved this in 1 hour but Gamehag Support couldn’t solve it in a week. GG mate.

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