Free Bunker 58!


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Locked inside of Bunker 58 surrounded by unidentified creatures trying to kill you. There is only one way to survive, and that is to kill anything that attacks you. You are set with a selection of weapons ranging from melee to guns, and even have a torch for the use of light. 

How much do you value your life, and how much are you willing to kill to keep it?


- Atmospheric soundtrack

- Enemy ai

- Open map (The Bunker - Open for you to explore)

- Animated jumpscares

- Unique Enemie

- Multiple weapon choices


We hope to add the following

- A selection of different maps

- Re-spawning enemies, so players can enjoy enemies wave by wave. 

- GUI that indicates wave

-Purchasable weapons on wall (Used by points earned from killing enemies)

Please note that this state of the game is a complete version and may never change, meaning the planned changes above may never be added. 

*Enemies can be killed within around a 15 minute gameplay time, which is why we are planning on adding the re-spawning of enemies really soon! That being said, we still find the game to be enjoyable.*


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