Free Contract With The Devil!

Expired is giving away today an insane 20.000x Copies of this game! Whoah thats a lot! Get one, you don't have to be quick, so take your time, and get that key!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!


This giveaway requires a Steam account, a Youtube account and a Twitter account.

First of all, you have to log in/register to this site. After that you have to authorize Twitter and Steam.

You have to do several steps before you can get your key.

After you are done with all of the tasks, just simply solve the captcha, and here ya go! A Free Key just for you!


Game Description: Welcome to the world where mysticism and reality, past and present, good and evil are united in a single whole!


Free Contract With The Devil! Discussion: 45

  1. For those having problems with the Twitter problem, just click on step 10 hyperlink “bundleskings on Twitter” with the right mouse button, Inspect element. Now, substitute “javascript:checkStep(9)” with “”, click on it, and then, validate. It’s going to work and you’ll have to wait sometime for the key.

      1. I got it in the end – I followed Supertoto’s advice and just waited and it did eventually verify! Also, my smartphone sucks… it’s a really really old model and has run out of space (due to OS updates – I have nothing stored on it but it still says it’s full); I can hardly do anything with it anymore. :(((((

        1. it’s not your smartphones fault but theirs: their server was overloaded (so the verification took longer than it should) and they made a mistake on the link to subscribe to twitter (it checked step9 or opened a blank window if you right clicked). So you had to manually subscribe on twitter. Then, click on check (here it was the server load that was at fault). Glad all worked well. Did not try the game yet, hope it’s enjoyable.

        1. lol i don’t give a fuck about them. was just trying to explain why you have trouble. not my fault you are a moron 😉 if it works for some people, you should ask yourself what you are doing wrong. (but i agree with you that the twitter link is broken)

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