Free Crazy Catman!


If you want a game, today is your day! giving away 2.000x Free Keys just for you! Get one, if you want it!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards! That's cool!


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser and a Steam Account.

First of all, install This extension. Then, you have to log in with your Steam Account. 

When you're in, you have to do various tasks. First of all join these 2 Steam Groups: and GameTest. Click on the green "Join group" button.

After this, you need to add 2 games to your wishlist and you also have to follow these: Hell Quest and Ballistic Attack. Just click on the 'Add to wishlist" button and the "Follow" button, under the gallery.

Then, you have to follow GameTest curator page. Click on the green "follow" button.

After all of these you have to check 2 websites.

If you're done, click on the "Grab key" button, fill the captcha, and here you go! There is your Free Key! Enjoy!


Game Description: Vasya's cat, honest and in love, decided to release the cat Murka from the evil and treacherous paws of dogs. To save her, Vasya will have to go through many obstacles and defeat the myriad hordes of enemies.


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