Free Cucumber Blues!


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Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!

Note2: Russian site, beware. Also requires an extension to be installed to your browser.

He lost the most preciuos thing he`ve ever had - his family. And now his only purpose is revenge. He`ll slide through Corn Mafia`s foes, squads of corrupted authorities and the entire cartel of fertilizers just to neatly put a bullet in the killer`s head.


Free Cucumber Blues! Discussion: 12

    1. Last warning and what will you do?

      Anyway why everyone are so angry at those giveaways?
      This is just info thtat there is giveaway. Nobody force you to use it. I’m happy that I got it. You don’t like it? Don’t use it (more games for me i guess)! There’s no reason to throw a fit about it.

      You don’t have to know russian to get games (i can’t read shit in cyrillic but had no problems with obtaining games). Tasks are annoying, but tasks are annoying in most giveaways. I installed Chrome exstention – nothing happend, I took the games and removed exstention with no problem, then i scanned pc – found nothing.

      Annoying site that want to get your likes/views/singups – same thing as always.

      If you think exstention is rigged (because your antyvirus found problems etc) just report it to chrome webstore (preferably with scan logs).

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