Free Demolish and Build 2017 (Level 6 Required)

This giveaway has been brought to you by DNB Media in cooperation with PlayWay! Please note Steam level 6 is required!

We would like to ask you to support the developers next games on Kickstarter in return for this amazing giveaway PlayWay brought to this site.

You can either make a pledge to support their games or if you are not able to make a pledge for whatever reason you can share this Kickstarter for FREE with your friends and family or people you know on the internet that might be interested in helping these games on Kickstarter!

Support Ultimate Fishing Simulator on Kickstarter!

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Discussion 117

  1. I needed to disable “Ghostery” (maybe some of u have adblock ON) in order that some of the steps would be counted (follow on twitch). Works perfecly – just got the game !!
    For people “Follow and Join steam group” it works perfectly – you just need not to forget to follow button below “join” button, so it’s two steps 🙂

  2. como se nota que a la gente le gusta el juego paso 2 dias y quedan mas de 44.000 llaves por favor esas ventanas emergentes son molesta y saquen esa basura de pedirnos niveles de steam por que si no peds nv de steam entonces esto no es gratis

  3. This marvelousga is so freaking scam, i had done all the steps i don’t know it’s like 20 steps
    and at the end i got message something went wrong check are u completed all the steps, and u need to begin from the start again. Also its not first time with this bullshit. So dont waste your time following those shitty groups and lalala. Ignore this.

  4. i dont know what your guys problem.. but it works to me.. luckily this survey also easy dont need to survey like downloads one or ads.. this site always works to me.. but too bad for itchio people too many identical games

    1. seriously…

      I think you should just leave this site,
      learn Grammar,
      then Learn what BUTTONS are,
      and Then Look at the Giant Button GET GIVEAWAY.

      and also Level UP your Steam Account to LVL 6 and Connect your twitch account.


      seriously… Plise… PLISE… JUST SAY PLEASE and not PLISE.

  5. A million stupid tasks and now pop ups after each one. We generating so much money for them. Other sites do it without all this garbage. Greedy shits.
    In the same time you could do surveys and get enough money on Paypal to buy a bundle of better games.

    1. Yes we are working on it and they might be removed entirely soon, But we are looking for a better alternative. FYI, QuestionInteractive is talking about the site pop ups that indicate other giveaways, share buttons and help messages NOT ad pop ups.

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