Free El Ninja – Soundtrack


They're giving away +700 copies of the (DLC) El Ninja - Soundtrack, claim your key before they run out! You can also get the beta of the game by clicking here, very few units.

Note: Where it says "Pay what you want", type the number "0", then select "Buy now", two options will be loaded, press where it says "Bitcoin" (I tried it with that one), and again press where it says "Buy Now". You will be asked for an email, and then you will receive the code within seconds in that email. 

 (It was given away in a while ago, and you probably already have it in the library.)


Discussion 23

    1. El juego “El Ninja” ha sido regalado en innumerables ocaciones. Es por eso que muchos aquí tenemos el juego. Te recomiendo que guardes esa key en un archivo .txt, y lo reclames cuando regalen juego nuevamente

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