FREE Epic Roll Steam Game! ( Steam Lvl 5+ )


Claim a FREE for this EPIC Roll Steam Game!

If you ever got ''rick-rolled'' this is YOUR game!

Have fun and stay marvelous <3

This giveaway requires a Steam Level 5 account.


FREE Epic Roll Steam Game! ( Steam Lvl 5+ ) Discussion: 18

  1. Let me tell you a fact marveloustrash, when you ask people to complete more than 50 tasks you lose the right to say “free”. It’s kinda obvious that people thing you are garbage but you are seriously asking for it.

  2. Been a while since I bothered with a marvelous giveaway. As if doing all those tasks wasn’t bad enough before, now it’s less intuitive, takes longer and has even more tasks. Marvelous is just absolute trash.

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