Free Escape This / Drive-By-Hero (Steam Level 5+ Required)


Another giveaway!  

Free rpg games?  Or maybe 3d games

You can find different types of games on Gamehag!  Visir our site now, and join our magical world!

Have fun,

Gamehag Team.


This giveaway requires accounts on following sites:

Steam (at least lvl 5), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Discord and Gamehag.


Free Escape This / Drive-By-Hero (Steam Level 5+ Required) Discussion: 23

  1. Complete the tasks
    To see the roulette, click on the backpack icon below your profile picture at the right. There is a chest there just open it (thanks to Isaac Thow info)
    Do the roulette and get DRIVE-BY HERO but The reward is being prepared for dispatch.
    so i gues we have to wait a while.

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