Free From the Sky!


SteamGifts is here today with 10.000 available keys right now for everyone who is interested! Go, and get a Key now!

Game Info:

- Not Enough Steam Reviews

- Has Achievements

- No Trading Cards


This giveaway requires a Steam account.


Game Description: From The Sky tells the adventures of two sisters Yuki and Karma, who travel through time and space through the portal. From the Jurassic world to world wars, from ocean to space. But nothing is safe, for each world there are different dangerous obstacles, let's help them overcome obstacles safely.


Free From the Sky! Discussion: 14

  1. Account could not be verified. Required value, $100.00.
    Seriously, why do you post it here and say “keys for everyone” if it requries 100 dollars? Do you even know what “everyone” means?

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