Free Grey Phobia Discussion: 77

  1. here the guide how to create and account
    1st: Go to ”REGISTER”
    2nd Click the ”not sure what your ID is?
    3rd Then log in trough the steam
    4th go to your profile in (after u login)
    5th copy your ”steamID64” then paste in the 1st box of the register

    ENJOY ^_^

    1. And we all are super rich and this is why we’re camping site with shitty free games.
      I don’t think this game need more idiots.

      If you really are too poor to save money for CS then you’re too poor to play it.

        1. Hahaha If you’re soo poor then you have no PC to play this game, no internet good enough to play this game and no time to play this game, because you have to work
          Hungry children don’t beg for toys.
          Cut the crap and wait for steam sale when you can buy CSGO for 5$. You can buy it by simply selling cards from free games you get here. But yeah, that takes more time and work than begging and pretending that you’re soooo miserable.

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