Free hack_me 2!

Expired is back with a brand new design! To show this new design to you, they are giving away 1.500x Free Keys! Get one, before they run out of them!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser, a Steam account and a YouTube account.

First of all, you have to install their extension, and log in with your Steam account.

Then you should do various steps, before you can get access to your Steam Key.

- Join 3 Steam Groups (green "Join Group" button)

- Follow 2 Steam Curator (green "Follow" button)

- Wishlist and Follow a Steam Game (blue-ish "Add to your Wishlist" and "Follow" buttons under the game gallery)

- Subscribe a YouTube channel.

If you are done with all of these, fill the captcha, and here ya go! Your Free Key is right there!


Game description: hack_me 2 is a story about hacker-beginner, who is going to confront to new World Order, where is no place for personal secrets.


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