Free HITMAN 2 (Prologue)

Now you can grab HITMAN 2 FREE on STEAM so hurry up and get it until this offer last!


All you have to do is click the install button and the game will be yours forever!


Free HITMAN 2 (Prologue) Discussion: 18

  1. I heard that this prologue is only training from the first Hitman game can someone check that out for me? cuz im not spending my space and data for something that i already done. Thanks in advance

  2. Thank You, I try it, but sadly, the last “Halloween event” (free episode) for the Hitman has been disappeared from the library. I think its a F2P ‘license’, and not stay permanent in the Steam Library.

  3. When I clicked play free it shows I have Hitman 2. When I go to purchase the Standard version of Hitman 2 it tells me I already own the game. There is no mention anywhere of this just being a “Training” demo. That is unless the $60 Standard version is just a “Training” demo.

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