Free Huntsman: The Orphanage


Greenmangaming is giving away free Steam keys for Huntsman: The Orphanage! Score a key now!

Instructions: Click the green button to open the vip deals page, login into your account, scroll down and select the Huntsman: The Orphanage free deal. Them copy the coupon code, buy the game in the Greenmangaming shop, and insert the coupon code to unlock your Steam key for Free.


Free Huntsman: The Orphanage Discussion: 35

  1. Insctructions:
    Create a new account
    Activate it via email
    Scroll down the page until you find this game and below you will see a green button “get your free game”.
    Press it and copy the coupon
    Add the game to your basket and go to checkout page. Scroll down and put the coupon there.
    Complete your data (name, adress)
    The key will be sent to your email.
    Thank you keygenerator!

  2. the destructions how to do it is trash all it does is put you into a loop trying to figure out how to do it PS I’m just going to ignore these types of giveaways for this website to you guys fix destructions how to do this

      1. scroll down and you will the Huntsman and there is a button next to it say (Get your free game) click it you will see the code. But I don’t know where to put the code plz help.

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