Free Journey To The Center Of The Earth

CYBundle is giving away copies of Journey To The Center Of The Earth, claim your key before they run out!

Notes: If it is not your first time, just click the blue button after logging in and then go to your orders. Remember that you must be in this group.

English Guide - Tutorial

Game description: Journey to the Center of the Earth is a 2D platformer about exploring giant caves and dying of thirst. Based on the Jules Verne novel, players control three adventurers with unique powers and have to make their way through 18 expansive levels, solve puzzles, avoid traps and find the well hidden secret at the center of the Earth.


Discussion 12

  1. Thanks dude. Quite hard being on chinese but fine. After you get on your orders and click on the link to your product there are two choices: left and right. Use a translator to be sure which one is to obtain (My case was left) because the other option is to transform it to points which I didn’t use and I’m not sure what they mean for it, but seems like you’ll lose the key.

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