Free Knife Battles! (Steam Level 5+ Required)


So, I heard you want some Free Steam Keys! And is got your back! Go, and get one of the 1.500x Free Steam Keys right now!

Game Info:

- Mixed Reviews

- No Achievements

- Has Trading Cards


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser, a Steam account and a YouTube account.


Game Descripiton: A simple arcade game for two players. Pick up knives, throw them, dodge them. Compete against other players, get new things, customize your character. Nothing else is needed for a great play.


Free Knife Battles! (Steam Level 5+ Required) Discussion: 6

  1. They want Friends Invite, Steam Level 5( To follow low quality curators ) the best option is create a new account and level up to 5, add 5 ghost friends and go to get keys without contaminate with ur main account with alot of trash games, trash groups and trash curators

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