Free My Loved Heart!

Expired is her today with an another giveaway with 2.500x Free Steam Keys, right now! GOo, adn get one now!

Game Info:

- Mixed Reviews

- Has Achievements

- No Trading Cards


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser and a Steam account.


Game Descripiton: Zombie platformer, jump on platforms and collect your favorite hearts to move on. Do not step on the spikes, they will kill the zombies. Zombies can bounce off walls when jumping, use this feature to jump to the right place.


Free My Loved Heart! Discussion: 10

    1. Well some of us alredy have level 7, but yes, lest spoil fun for everyone just because you can’t have it.

      Giveaways from this site ends extremely quickly probably because few people take multiple copies of every game. It’s good thing they’re rising requirements and I hope it will stay this way.

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