Free Permute!


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Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!

Note2: Russian site, beware. Also requires an extension to be installed to your browser.

Rotate and navigate a colorful world.


Free Permute! Discussion: 14

    1. Could you provide us with any proof? Screenshots of antivirus reaction or any info from Valve about your stolen account? When will they try to steal my account?

      I used this site yesterday with two Steam accounts (one doesen’t even have steam guard on), both are fine. My antyvirus didn’t found anything after using it.

      I am serious, if you really had problems give us proofs so people know for sure and react. If your only reasoning is “site is russian”, then kindly shut up and stop spreading rumors.

  1. So why is this website bad again? I ran 2 antivirus spyware/malware and didn’t detect a thing. What is wrong with adding the extension, getting the game, and removing the extension after? I’m confused why everyone is against this site, someone please tell me. All of the codes work and are easy to get on here.

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