Free Piximalism!

Expired is giving away a lot of Free Steam Keys right now!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser, a Steam account, a Twitter account and a Facebook account.

First of all, you have to install their extension, and log in with your Steam account.

Then you should do various steps, before you can get access to your Steam Key.

If you are done with all of them, fill the captcha, and here ya go! Your Free Key is right there!


Free Piximalism! Discussion: 18

    1. Acctualy i like things like this. I alredy have badge from this game. Most of my badges are from removed games.

      Cards from this game are tradable, so you can profit on them if you don’t want to do badges. If you’re not resourceful enough to do it thats your problem.

      At least you get what you see, not “super awesome random game key” that end up being itchio shit

      1. www
        this game have badge, you just cant sell cards.

        There are many people that collect badges from removed games, if you want you can trade your cards for something you can sell

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