Free Primordial Darkness Steam Key! Restocked ! ( Steam Level 6+ Required )


Welcome to a brand new giveaway powered by MarvelousGA and REX Network.

REX Network is going huge on Discord right now, REX Network's Discord server is running right now hourly, daily and weekly Steam Key giveaways that you can enter by just typing simple chat commands such as rex!enter and ga!enter !

Win every hour FREE Steam Keys the easy way, Join REX Network's Discord server here:

When you reach level 15 on the server you will get access to the gold member exclusive giveaways which include AAA Steam Key giveaways everyday!

Chat > Level Up > Enjoy AAA Steam Keys!

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Info about Primordial Darkness Steam Key giveaway:

- Make sure to link your Twitch account before doing any tasks!

- Make sure you do no not skip the Steam Curator Follow tasks, they are required.

- You need a Steam Level 6+ account for this giveaway!

- Have fun!


- Team Marvelous


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