Free Prismata! (Restocked)


Who's Gaming Now is here with tons of Free Steam Keys right now! Go, and take a key for yourself!

Game Info:

- Mostly Positive Steam Reviews

- Has Achievements

- Has Trading Cards


This giveaway requires a Steam account.


Game Description: A uniquely gripping hybrid strategy game like no other, inspired by RTS, deckbuilders, and tabletop strategy games. Outwit your foes by efficiently constructing and commanding a powerful cybernetic army. A radical achievement in game design, Prismata rewrites the rules of strategy games.


Free Prismata! (Restocked) Discussion: 50

  1. You better read the text you guys:
    “You already claimed a Steam key for this game/promotion before.
    Here is your key again:”
    If you get that message you already got it on May. Don’t be steamgifting duped keys around, you guys

  2. It gave me a steam key, but gives me the message “The Steam Wallet code you have entered is invalid. Please carefully verify the characters as you re-enter the code.” after entering it.. what do I do?

  3. Gracias, la pågina molesta, toca refrescarla, se hacen unas tareas simples que s de visitar y listo, si tienen problemas de que no les acepta algo, refresquen la pågina, me demoré bastante, pero ya lo conseguí, gracias

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