Free Prisoner!


InideGala is here today ith a fantastic giveaway for everyone right now! Go, and get one of the who-know-many keys!

Game Info:

- Mixed Reviews

- Has Achievements

- No Trading Cards


If you are struggling with geting the key, watch THIS video, it will help!


Game Descripiton: You are a Prisoner. In a strange place with many rooms. You hear a noise, as if something is moving around. Move from one room to another, avoid deadly traps and try to escape.


Discussion 19

  1. For some reason, the main page of giveaways at IndieGala is bugged or something. But you can also claim your key here:
    ht tps : // www . indiegala . com/dieyoung?utm_source=givmenuitem&utm_medium=massive_giv_menu_item&utm_campaign=giveaway_menu_item

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