Free Psi Project 2! (Steam Level 5+ Required)

Expired is here with a big 6.000x Key giveawy right now! Go and get one now for yourself!

Game Info:

- Mostly Positive Reviews

- No Achievements

- Has Trading Cards


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser, a Steam account and a Twitter account.


Game Descripiton: Psi Project 2 - is a continuation of the 2D shooter with elements of horror. The event takes place the day before the original game. We are given control of a mercenary named Hugh. Its main goal is to clean up the complex from the infected with an unknown disease monsters.


Free Psi Project 2! (Steam Level 5+ Required) Discussion: 15

  1. New game -> it wont drop card for some time -> probably never.

    Ok, this game “have” trading cards, but since its new (november 2017) game have to proof that its quality game not just shit made for cards (this mean that many people have to buy it and give it positive score).

    And since this game look like shit made for cards – I doubt that it will ever drop those cards.

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