Free Random Steam CD-key(Steam Level 5+ Required)


Another giveaway

Free rpg games?  or maybe 3d games

You can find different types of games on Gamehag!  Visir our site now, and join our magical world!

Have fun,

Gamehag Team.


This giveaway requires accounts on following sites:

Steam (at least lvl 5), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Discord and Gamehag. This qiveaway requires app instalation.


Free Random Steam CD-key(Steam Level 5+ Required) Discussion: 80

  1. The app portion is a joke. Why even have it for downloading and from what I’m reading in the comments… people are having a hard time getting it to work. If you’re gonna have a task required, make sure people are able to get it done without having problems. Even, I’m not too sure with trying to get it if it’s broken along with possibly being a spyware. :/

  2. I respect Gamehag , because they create a lot of giveaways (1000 keys giveways get taken in 15 mins btw ). This giveaway kind of asked for a lot but it is free game after all for just 5 minutes of doing tasks . Actually some tasks can be completed without actually doing them , for example Instagram and some Facebook tasks . “Rate our app 5 stars” was kind of too much and just don’t make us rate stuff 5 stars if we think it’s 3-4 for example… But although Gamehag does a great job with giveways , has many features which offers almost freebies (claimed by Gamehag points). If you dilike Gamehag than you probably haven’t seen marvelousga giveways 20+tasks (FB,Instagram,Twitter,discord,steam,Reich and ect.). Apriciate giveways , nobody is making you to do it , so if you choose to complete the tasks don’t blame it on the host , just cause if you do it that means you consider the “prize” worth it. Thank you Gamehag , just don’t ask me to rate app 5 if I don’t consider it so .

      1. the task are easy its just for me one does not work as no link to the 4th task just step 1: Complete unlike the To Do thats suppost to be there i have completed all the other ones and they are still easy to do just that one i can’t i posted a link in my other reply showing the image but its still awaiting moderation

  3. Steam (at least lvl 5), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Discord and Gamehag.
    Description of this giveaway not include info about must installed fcking GameHagApp into smartphone… Fck this shit

  4. Be careful with that app!!!!!
    It’s a spyware! Don’t install it on your phone or tablet. If you still want to do it, use instead a virtual machine to not expose your personal information to 3rd parties

    1. It would be nice, if you won’t tell lies publicly. Most of apps today requires access to all this things. It wasn’t designed to SPY users, we will never use private datas in any wrong way, and also without permission.

                1. got Favorite miner never heard of it only thing i would of liked was to know what game it was before i added it to steam like once you get the key and maybe before hand so you know if its any good / something you will play or something you can give to your kid / friend if they might like the game

  5. I’ve complete all except 1 left is app installing
    And how can I log in the app if it stuck on the introducing, cannot skip either
    Thank you Gamehag! Maybe next one task is purchase a premium on a free to play shiet

          1. if you use firefox you got to change the block popup to allow to get the popup window for the facebook post. but before that might want to clear the cookies for gamehag and the browser cashe. Or try google chrome i did not have it and installed fresh and it allowed me to get it from that one find the setting for blocking popup windows and disable it / add expetion for

    1. You got the reward in inventory. Click on the chest and “open” it. Reward will be now appear in inventory in “rewards” section. After you click on specific reward you can see the code at the bottom (below reward image).

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