Free Random Steam Store Game!


Claim a FREE Random Steam Key from the Steam Store now!

If there are any questions let us know in the comments down below!

If you got a game you already have no worries, we keep adding new games to the random giveaways every month! 

Every month there are new games to hunt on!

Free Random Steam Store Game! Discussion: 26

  1. 77M5G-H4ETJ-8MWL0

    The product code you’ve entered has already been activated by a different Steam account. This code cannot be used again. Please contact the retailer or online seller where the code was purchased for assistance.


  2. Why is it that everytime I go your guy’s page to get a steam key, my CPU goes through the roof? Therefore, I have to sit on the page for over 30 minutes trying to get a key. I don’t know if it’s all the ads/flash stuff you slapped onto the site or what. Then by the end of it, I get a key for a game I already have. I’m starting to dislike these “Random Steam Keys” you’re doing. Don’t even tell which games you could get out of the random batch of keys.

    1. Hi there, it appears that our animated background is really CPU intensive, we are removing it in the next update.

      Every month there should be 10-20 new games to hunt on, if you already have the games from the recent random giveaways i recommend you to skip them.

      1. Why would I skip a random giveaway and get a small percentage of getting a game I don’t have? It would be nice if y’all posted up a possible game list that’s with the random steam key giveaways. So people would know which games they could get from the random giveaways.

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