FREE Random Steam Store Games!


Claim a FREE Random Steam Game that currently is at the Steam Store!

If you need any assistance please let us know down in the comments!

We appreciate all the support, we hope together with the community we can keep investing in new games and making sure that you all are going to have a big big Steam Library <3

Spread the love <3

Also if you'd like to get to know us better, you can always chat in our Discord server and we will talk to you whenever we are available to answer all your questions, concerns and feedback.

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FREE Random Steam Store Games! Discussion: 22

  1. Marvelous please answer my question truthfull.
    Do you have a Cryptocurrency miner on your site because my CPU and most others are always above 80 % on your site, but I have 3 Miner Blocker and none of these can block it.

    If you really have one, than many respekt to you for bypassing so many of them 😀
    (But its really anoying currently because your site is so extremly laggy)

    1. Hi there, the reason your blockers aren’t finding any crypto miners at our site is because we have no miners at our site.

      If we ever would add a crypto miner to our site then the user should have to opt-in we would never do such a thing without the user’s consent.

      A reason that your PC might have a tough time loading our site can be other intensive parts such as Google Adsense.

      1. I dont talk about the loading time I mean your site set my CPU on about 80 % even if the Website is already completely loaded or 5 Minutes open. Thats most time a symbol for a Miner thats why I tried the miner blockers.
        But when I read the comments below your giveaways there are many people having this problem.

  2. Marveloustrash write in the description what are included in the so called “random” giveaway or just don’t do random. You make people get the key they already have then play innocent but we all know that you do this on purpose.

    1. The time that you spend everyday complaining about things you could have spend on making other people happy.

      Be more positive is what i’m trying to say, We are offering lots of free steam games for everyone to enjoy, we are not on some evil plan like you are often potraying on us. We are here to spread love and happiness even if it sometimes look different in eyes like yours 🙂

      Spread love and together we make free gaming a lot more fun and accessible <3

      1. Completely ignore what I’m saying, still not telling us what are included in the so called “random” giveaway, trying to make me look some evil dude while you are still trying to play innocent. Exactly what is expected of you. What you call “complaining” is actually what you are supposed to do. Why do you even write a comment if you are not going to tell us what’s included in the random? Because marveloustrash, that’s why!

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