FREE Random Steam Store Games!


Claim a FREE Steam Key which grants you 100% a RANDOM Game from the Steam Store!

I hope you are all ready for the upcoming weekend, we wish you all a great weekend with much joy and personal progress 🙂

We are glad you all liked the giveaway from yesterday, new games are things that matter for the both of us and we are working hard on keep adding new games to MarvelousGA.

Much love,


FREE Random Steam Store Games! Discussion: 12

    1. 🙁 That’s unfortunate for sure , We are working on adding new games to the random giveaways. However Valve keeps reducing the amounts of keys that developers can generate, there will be a point that developers can only create like 10,000 keys and their only choice to still make revenue in that case is selling those keys in bundles. We hope that after 3 years of doing giveaways we can still try to keep it alive.

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