Free Red Risk Steam Key or Random Itchio Key!


You will either get a Red Risk ( Base Game ) + Sountrack DLC Steam Key or a Random Itchio Key!

Fear not, beside the Red Risk inside we added amazing other games to win as well!

Free Red Risk Steam Key or Random Itchio Key! Discussion: 41

  1. Marvelous why you’re answering people who prise you but didn’t say anything to the guy who asked how many steam keys is in this giveaways? He didnt say anything bad, he just asked niceley. So? How many steam keys are there?

    1. But he was ripped off!
      They don’t give you games out of kindness, they profit on likes/follows/etc. It’s like trade – they get what they want and you get what you want…
      But in this situation they get what they want and You eat shit.

      Guy who made 9 accounts? Gave them 9 times more likes/follows/etc and still didn’t get anything.

      But yes, people should just ignore their ga’s – they will keep scamming us more and more, as long as theirs bait works.

          1. Lets make a deal, you give me 100$ and I give you new car, or I throw shit in your face.
            Whats wrong? Shit is amazing! Plants grow on it! Besides you love shit eaters! You make people eat shit all the time!

          2. Then do giveaways only for itchio games like Master7 said.
            Now you’re like pedo that lure kids with candies and then shovel his dick in teir throat saying ‘whats wrong? My dick is amazing!’
            Your dick can be best dick in the word, but i want my candies.

      1. No, hes not right. It’s like trade – you get likes/follows/ members/etc – we get steam keys. Nobody will click your links only for itcho and you know it.
        But hes right in one thing – people should stop clicking your baits.

    2. But he was rupped off. He gave them what they want and they gave him nothing. People are doing tasks only for steam keys, not itchio, and Marvelous know it. No one won steam key on any of their “or” giveaways.
      I’m not “hater”, they made few nice giveawas before, but as time goes they are becoming more greedy and sketchy.

  2. Guys just don’t participate in their giveaways and they will have to either start making decent ones or won’t make giveaways at all. Simple!

    At this point I don’t even try to particpe in theirs giveaways if I see word “random” or “itchio” and I recomend You doing same thing.

    They gain profit on views/follows/group membership/etc you provide. It’s more trade than giveaway (they get something they want, you get something you want).
    Now you’re all suckers because they get what they want and you eat shit. And they will continue to do this as long as this bait will work.

    You tried to find that one steam key with 10 fake accounts? Perfect! They get 10times more profit than with decent giveaways! “Lets scam this losers even more!”

  3. I thought freesteamkeys was for steam giveaways, not for ichio ones. These “steam or ichio key” giveaways from Marvelous are just a bait. They contain only ichio keys so please stop posting them.

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