Free Sky Road! (Steam Level 5+ Required)


GiveAway,su is here with 1.500x Free Steam Keys right now! Go, and grab oone of them, so you can call yourself a proud owner of this game!

Game Info:

- Mixed Steam Reviews

- Has Achievements

- No Trading Cards


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser, a Steam account, a Discord account and a Twitter account.


Game Descripiton: Sky Road is a casual game for all ages. It does not take much effort. In a calm atmosphere, choose an emotion for yourself and take a ride along the celestial road, collecting coins. The further you pass the more reward.


Free Sky Road! (Steam Level 5+ Required) Discussion: 8

    1. You don’t have any ban, however we are not posting giveaways with less than 2000 keys, since they end way too quick… Plus the extension thing… And the VK account requirement… Also their giveaways requires higher Steam levels and they dont even put any information about that…

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