Free Slingshot People!


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Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!

Note2: Russian site, beware. Also requires an extension to be installed to your browser.

It's fun to shoot people with a slingshot, but beware, they are armed and dangerous!


Free Slingshot People! Discussion: 11

  1. Hello.

    KukaBarnus, thank you for posting our giveaways as we have no free hands to do this. Feel free to contact us to get reward for your job.

    Our extension is open-sourced and it doesn`t contain any viruses or malware. It doesn`t collect any data. We are not going to scam or smthing like this. Our giveaways are sponsored by different organizations and we are going to make profit without any scam. Extension allows us to have higher percentage of tasks completed and to check tasks those cannot be checked any other way. We will definitely add more types of giveaways (raffle etc) and types of tasks.

    Our service is new but we already have about 10k active users. is working more than 1 month and we have given away 100k+ keys! We are translating our website to English at the moment – contact us please if you would like to help a little.

  2. As I wouldn’t mind getting this, I think it would be best for everyone to stay away from this site. Now no one can be sure if it is malware unless someone tries. I’m not going to take that risk. I think we would all appreciate if KukaBarnus would stop posting giveaways from this site because it’s a little sketchy. KukaBarnus, that doesn’t mean stop posting, it just means don’t post from this site. I don’t think anyone wants to deal with viruses and malware

    1. That’s the thing though no one has found evidence of viruses and malware. I’m leaning towards this site is safe that is why I got games from the last 4-5 giveaways from them. I think he should continue posting these giveaways unless there is clear obvious evidence that this site is sketchy.

    2. ” I think we would all appreciate if KukaBarnus would stop posting giveaways from this site” – I think “we would all appreciate” if people would stop spreading rumors with no proof to back them.
      As for now many people said that “it must be malware” or “they stealing your steam accounts”, but i didn’t swa SINGLE COMMENT with any specyfic info. No one said “hey i’m Bob, they took my account, heres screenshot of my antivirus going wild about their site”. It’s some kind of mass hysteria here like “don’t vaccinate your children because it cause autism”.
      Anyway there is info in the description about extension, everybody have their own mind and can decide if they want to use it or not. Nobody is forcing you to use it, so please stop forcing your fear on other people. I hope KukaBarnus will keep posting info about giveaways.

  3. Okay, first of all: I really don’t care, what do you think of this site. They are giving away free steam keys, and just because”it’s russian’, that doesn’t mean they are scammers. If you so obsessed with this scammer thing, why are you even click on the link?? I mean, you can just go away, and wait for other giveaways. aAnd if you are scared because you don’t want to lose your steam account, just simply do not take the key…

    1. They are using an extension, because they want to make sure, that you are actually do thei steps. Thats all I know about this extension. I’m not gonna say its not bad, because I don’t know, but I have faith in people, and I don’t think everybody is rotten…

    2. Settle down, I have been defending the site if you look at prior posts I’ve made. I ran multiple antivirus/malware programs and found nothing. I appreciate you posting these giveaways on here. I keep seeing people post its a scam site and I just wanted some clarification that is all.

    3. If you check prior posts I have been defending the site because I ran multiple anti virus/malware programs and didn’t detect anything. I just keep seeing people making unpleasant posts about this site and I wanted to know why. I appreciate you making us aware of these giveaways. I haven’t been bashing you or this site, I am just trying to get answers.

  4. I want some answers about this site!!! Why do you say in note 1 Russian site, beware? If you know its bad why post it? Also, does anyone have any proof this site has stolen anyones steam account? If I lose my steam account for a couple of crappy games I got here I am going to be so pissed off.

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