Free Steel Circus (Alpha)


FreeSteamKeys and Steel Circus partnered up to give you free Steel Circus alpha keys! This Steam key gives you access to The Steel Circus Alpha Test 2 (9th March to 11th March) and the entire alpha period, so players can participate in future rounds of alpha testing as well.

- Servers will be open:

Test 2 Start: Saturday, 9th March - 3 pm CET (Vienna) / 9 am EST (NY) / 6 am PT (LA)

Test 2 End: Monday, 11th March - 3 pm CET (Vienna) / 9 am EST (NY) / 6 am PT (LA)

If you post a review of the game, please make sure to tag @playsteelcircus on social media so your post can be shared!

Please note they are opening servers in North America and Europe this time, so it will be a regional test. This means that if players are not in these regions, they will have a very high ping and probably a negative experience.

Steel Circus is futuristic hero sports game aiming for an Early Access release early this year. It is currently its alpha testing stage, and we are inviting you to become one of its very first alpha testers.


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