Free Suicide Simulator


Grabfreegame has free Steam keys for Suicide Simulator.


1. Login to their website with Steam or Facebook.

2. Complete 6 tasks to get your key.

Note: This game is banned from Steam which means no trading cards or +1 to your library.


Free Suicide Simulator Discussion: 10

  1. Hey guys…. So i’ve seen this game and acctualy got a key of it, it’s useless , not a good game, when i looked it up i could see: an actualy game, wich wasn’t the one, but when i entered i saw a similiar game engine :GameGuru, There’s another game called blackscreen simulator , wich is just a rip-off of “The asylum” and turns out even Another game called Prymortial darkness has the same engine, it’s easy to find out games like these, just google search them and see what they acctualy are

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