Free Tap Touch Run!

Expired is giving away 2000x Free Tap Touch Run Steam Keys. Yes, you heard it right! 2000x! Grab one, while you can!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!

Note2: This giveaway requires an extension to be installed to your browser, and a VK account.

Dexterity, reaction, patience is the most important thing for you now. Check your willpower. Get the highest score and go through all the levels. A colorful timekiller with an unforgettable musical appearance. Click to rotate or jump. Beware of spikes and cliffs. Choose your unique player style and emphasize your personality. Play and win in Tap Touch Run


Free Tap Touch Run! Discussion: 9

  1. This game hasn’t yet passed the new confidence metric that Steam has set, so trading cards will not drop as of now. Cards will only drop when a certain number of people actually buy this game from the Steam store. Wonder if that’ll ever happen.

    1. Hey, where did You found information about this game not passing confidence metric yet? Is there info somewhere on store page (I coudnt find it ;/) or you just assumed because game was recently realeased? I don’t deny what you said, I’m just curious if they marked this in some way (as they should imo).

      1. After activating this game in my libary, on the badge page the game does not show.

        Trading cards will only drop once the badge becomes activated on the badge page, so if you have this game and cannot find it on your badge page, that’s one way of knowing cards aren’t yet available.

        I’m not sure if you can find this out from the store page, because the store page does indicate that this game will drop trading cards (which could theoretically speaking constitute fraud from a legal perspective, since a customer could buy this game expecting to get cards, but never ever receive them).

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