Free The Bridge (Steam Level 5+ Required)


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Remember that we are here for you so if you have any problems just simply type to Misty on Gamehag.

Of course dont forget about our other giveaways to get more free games!

Have fun,

Gamehag team.


This giveaway requires accounts on following sites:

Steam (at least lvl 5), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Gamehag.


Free The Bridge (Steam Level 5+ Required) Discussion: 10

  1. I had a hard time doing the “Play one of our Free Games” task. I tried doing a simple one and it kept leading me to download the game through an iPhone/iPad in which I don’t own any of em. This site is just a hassle with their broken applications. Anymore, it seems like they want us to download their spywares of an applications. :/ Tried doing the Adventure with Misty and I keep getting cut off by an add every 5 seconds or so… During the actual game play and it cuts me off. >< The tasks area to send it to the username… I typed in my username and it acts like my username don't exist in their database.

    1. It should have a pop-up window to whatever page it’s gonna post on. You click the post button and it should verify it. Or that’s what happened with me. Maybe check and see if you’re blocking pop-ups?

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