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The District - action with elements of survival in the open world. You will have to look for weapons, to produce supplies, shelter from the weather and to get used to the conditions of a new life.

- This giveaway was announced (secretly) on NovaAgency Steam Group.

-You cannot find this giveaway by searching straight away on giveaway.


Free The District Discussion: 13

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        1. That was just key for a game.
          You don’t have to have active steam account to add game to your library, problem is that you usually can’t get key (since most giveaways require active steam accout).
          I just gave AriadnaS key, so he/she didn’t need active steam account to get this one game.
          As far as I know, there is no other way to activate steam account, than to buy something in steam store for at leas 5$ (even if you add to your library games worth way more than 5$, your account still will be limited if you wont buy them on Steam).

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