Free The Padre


Brightlocker is giving away free Steam Keys that will grant you a copy of The Padre as well as Early Access. Keys will be distributed once Early Access will be available. Estimated date for early access is Feb 2018.

Instructions: Click the button to open the giveaway page, scroll down and click on the "Steam Early Access Key" option. You will need 66 gold coins, but you can easily get gold fast and for free doing the following:

- Share a game on Facebook using share on page – 20 Gold

- Share a game on Twitter using share on page – 20 Gold

- Verify your account – 5 Gold

- Earn Achievements: Face it Up, Departure Point, and First Comment. – 10 Gold

- Have 1 friend register on BrightLocker using one of your social sharing links  - 10 Gold

- Perform any action on BrightLocker for five (5) consecutive days) - 20 Gold

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