Free The Red Solstice


Humblebundle is back with another amazing give away, this time HumbleBundle is giving away free  Steam keys for The Red Solstice! Grab a key now for a limited time!

Instructions: Click the button to open the official page, and grab the game for free! Remember, you only have 48h to grab the game.

About this Steam Game: The Red Solstice is a tactical, squad-based survival game set in the distant future on Mars


Free The Red Solstice Discussion: 39

    1. Sorry my friend, but you are not a god of games. The biggest Steam Badge for owning games is the 17K Game Collector (17000 games in your Steam account). And I see that you only have 1629 games in your account. You have a really long way to walk. Happy gaming! 😀

      1. krvnium this person is only going to do the giveaways he see on other websites he can’t choose what giveaway goes on unless he pays for the keys and put on a giveaway for that and that promise he told you I’m pretty sure he’s going to wait to he sees a website giving out those key codes

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