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ITS SUMMER! ( It still is actually 😛 ) !

Thirsty Bubble is here to give you some free drinks and make sure you remain hydrated during this summer!

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Much much love <3


FREE Thirsty Bubble Steam Key! Discussion: 29

      1. nothing? Go learn the meaning of “NOTHING”. They make us complete more than 30 tasks which I clearly stated in my first comment. Interesting that you forgot to mention that they BENEFIT from this giveaways.

        1. The time i write this comment it’s 2AM almost 3AM, we work day and night to make sure the site runs for 200,000 monthly unique gamers and that we keep building new relations with developers to provide all of you fun games to collect or play. This is a full time job, for me personally i work around 15 hours a day on the giveaways and the sites that allow to distribute the keys, while most of you are playing the games.

          At least have a little respect or understanding.

          1. I can assure you “I work 15 hours a day to give you a 10 cent key” dude, “most of you are playing the games” is just an incorrect sentence. Because nobody plays the 10 cent games you give. It’s like it’s easier if we just buy it, because steam doesn’t make us complete 30 tasks for a 10 cent game. I would understand if you were giving us AAA games but what you are doing is just benefeting yourselves. If you work 15 hours you could literally create one of the games you give…

        2. Benefit? Of course they have to benefit. Have you ever heard of a company this nice, giving out literally 10k+ keys a month for just completing a few tasks. And if you already follow most of them, you just need to verify.

        1. Develop a game that is nearly as good as the others, and have it published on steam with atleast 10+ reviews. Go do that in like 2 minutes. Because that’s the time it takes to actually complete the tasks. If you do not like it, then don’t even comment and stop entering their giveaways, more keys for us marvelous lovers<3

          1. I see you are not capable of comprehending sarcasm. Everybody knows you can’t do that 2 minutes. What I mean is they make you do more than 30 tasks for a 5 cent key. And it’s obvious that you haven’t experinced the other sites giveaways yet. Becuase you wouldn’t be defending marveloustrash this crazy. But know this: If you keep kissing marveloustrash a** this much, soon the tasks will me more than 60.

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