Free Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit Beta Steam Keys!


The official creator giving away 1.000x copies of their own work for Free, so get one now, but be quick!

Note: This giveway requires a Discord acoount and a Twitter account.

The 3D online-multiplayer "social deduction" game of mischief & betrayal, inspired by medieval politics, tabletop & werewolf/mafia for PC. Discover your allies, dispose of the rest.


Discussion 7

  1. Heya folks — thanks for reposting our giveaway! We aimed for it to last a week, but it only lasted 11 hours haha wow! We feel the love. Feel free to AMA on Discord: — keys are on sale now on the website (all keys, given away or bought, are FULL versions of the game for all phases). If you want a free game, dig through our forum, watch some youtube vids/streams, or hang out on our Discord. You can’t beg for keys, but you can surely watch for some. They’re pretty easy to find, if patient.

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