Free Vampires!


BrightLockers restocked this awesome Vampires giveaway with a tons of Free Keys right now! Go, and get one for yourself now, if you haven't got a key yet!


You will need 10 gold coins to unlock this free Steam key. There are several easy ways to get more gold like:

Share a game on Facebook using share on page – 5 Gold, Share a game on Twitter using share on page – 5 Gold, Verify your account – 2 Gold. Find more info HERE.

Game Info:

- Mixed Steam Reviews

- Has Achievements

- No Trading Cards


This giveaway requires a BrightLocker account and 10 Coin.

How Can You Get Coins:

 You can find info how to get coins HERE.


Game Descripiton: An interesting puzzle with an unusual idea. Play as a hunter for human lives and help feed your pet. In this case, try not to perish yourself.


Free Vampires! Discussion: 10

  1. Hey there guys! It’s EXPIRED. They fix it, you can get the only 7 coins. Sharing by tweet and facebook not work anymore , you can’t get coins for it. The only way you can get free coins is Registration to get 2 coins and invite to get 5 more coins. But it won’t be enough to buy it for 10 coins. Freebies is gone in there. Sadly 🙁

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