Free Vampires!


BrightLockers restocked this awesome Vampires giveaway with a tons of Free Keys right now! Go, and get one for yourself now, if you haven't got a key yet!


You will need 10 gold coins to unlock this free Steam key. There are several easy ways to get more gold like:

Share a game on Facebook using share on page – 5 Gold, Share a game on Twitter using share on page – 5 Gold, Verify your account – 2 Gold. Find more info HERE.

Game Info:

- Mixed Steam Reviews

- Has Achievements

- No Trading Cards


This giveaway requires a BrightLocker account and 10 Coin.

How Can You Get Coins:

 You can find info how to get coins HERE.


Game Descripiton: An interesting puzzle with an unusual idea. Play as a hunter for human lives and help feed your pet. In this case, try not to perish yourself.


Discussion 10

  1. Hey there guys! It’s EXPIRED. They fix it, you can get the only 7 coins. Sharing by tweet and facebook not work anymore , you can’t get coins for it. The only way you can get free coins is Registration to get 2 coins and invite to get 5 more coins. But it won’t be enough to buy it for 10 coins. Freebies is gone in there. Sadly 🙁

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