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Game description: Vickinachi is a RPG game. You are going to experience the fun mischief with our Vickinachi, there are many levels and design. in each level the vickinachi has to find the invisible doors to reach next level. vickinachi can collect golds, items during his journey. the main aim is to find the princes in each level.


Free Vickinachi Discussion: 31

  1. The product code you’ve entered has already been activated by a different Steam account. This code cannot be used again. Please contact the retailer or online seller where the code was purchased for assistance.

  2. Avoid this crap. making you join 15 groups etc for a “game” that was obviously slapped together to make money from giving out keys through joining and clicking crap. Valve has been cracking down on crap like this, and still some slip through.

  3. Painfully slow site….and join 15 groups? Really? Then wait 40+ seconds between verification.
    Free is free, but this game has nothing but negative reviews and seems to be a scam game slapped together so they can make all their money from getting everyone clicking and joining crap groups. Pretty sure Valve just outlawed this crap and are cracking down on devs doing this.

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