Free Viki Spotter


Brightlocker Is Giving away free Steam keys for Viki Spotter! To grab a key please read the instructions:

1. You should create a new Brightlocker account to get some gold with the new account verification.

2. Share the giveaway on facebook and Twitter to get more gold.

3.  If you create another account using the affiliate link you get even more gold

The official information about gold can be found here.


Free Viki Spotter Discussion: 18

  1. Found this on the internet: How to get both games:

    Viki Spotter: The Farm
    Viki Spotter: Undersea

    1) First you need an Yahoo email address.
    2) Go to Settings -> More settings -> Mailboxes -> Disposable email address and create 2 addresses.
    3) Now wait 5 minutes (maybe less). Takes a little until it will be active.
    4) Register to site now with 1st yahoo disposable email and go to game and click share to FB and Twitter (you must be logged on FB or twitter to get affiliate link).
    Now you should have 12 coins ( don’t spend them yet).
    5) Copy the link you shared on FB or twitter and open it in private browser.
    6) Register with 2nd yahoo disposable email and go to game and click share to FB and Twitter (you don’t have to be logged on).
    Now you should have 12 coins on 2nd account.
    7) Now you can buy Viki Spotter: The Farm with 2nd account because is 10 coins.
    8) Log back to 1st account and now you have 17 coins because you got one affiliate who registered with your link. ( you 😀 ).
    9) Now you can buy Viki Spotter: Undersea with 1st account because is 15 coins.

    This is how i managed to get both games .

    Disposable emails from Yahoo can be used on other sites that require an account too.

    Good luck !

    Credits to the user: luprobert

  2. Tweeting and Facebook no longer give gold. You get 2 for verifying email and 5 for a referral…
    How are these Brightlocker giveaways still a thing here? Giveaways that require earning points to buy games is a violation of the rules. Furthermore, in addition to needing to make a new email to make a new account in order to buy each giveaway, since they removed gold for FB and twitter, you need to make a new account to refer from the new account you just made in order to buy anything over 12 gold. It’s absurd.

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