Free Volstead (Steam Level 2+ Required)


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This giveaway requires accounts on following sites:

Steam (at least lvl 5), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Facebook and Gamehag.


Free Volstead (Steam Level 2+ Required) Discussion: 14

  1. gamehag or anyone who can finish the task can you help me please ? there’s a new task says share publicliy so now there are 2 one that can be finished by go to and verify and i can finish it but the newer one there’s only ” complete ” button how do i finish it ? can’t practice in any of the giveaways because of that task can’t be finished

  2. this gamehag is a real trash, honestly. Every time you get a key, it says that it’s over (this is when you’re not missing 500 keys to finish and, in case you log in, it’s already out of stock). In my opinion, after Marvelousga, it has to be the next one to be banned … Unfortunate

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