Free ZombieCarz!


WARNING: Please Read the instructions right here in the description, before you start roasting the page, beacuse it's russian.

Heloo guys again! giving away a load of Free Keys, so get one! If you dont understand the cyrilic alphabet, have no fear! There is a complete guide right here, just for you!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!


This giveaway requires a VK account, a Youtube account and a Steam account.

First of all, you have to log in with your VK account to the site.

When you look at the page, you may be thinking "ohmaygod" but it's not a big deal. You just need to focus on the blue links.

The first 2 links are VK reposting links. You need to repost 2 VK posts, by clicking the little megaphone, uner the picture. After you are done, the site asks, if you relly done this steap. Click on the green button here.

Under that 2 links, there are 8 VK Group links. You have to join every one of them, and confirm with the site, that you joined to the groups.

The last link is a Youtube link. Click on this link, and subsribe to the user. Here, you have to wait 30 seconds, before you confirm yoursubscription with the site, 30 secons later, click on the green button, what pops up.

Under the links there should be 2 buttons. You have to click on the upper one, if you want your key.

It will pop up a new page, but it's just an ad, so you can close it. And there you go! Your Free Steam Key is there.


Game description: ZombieCarz this scroller with a cool hand-drawn graphics and dynamic gameplay!


Free ZombieCarz! Discussion: 31

  1. The instructions in this post were good – I had no problems following them, and got a key. Thank you to KukaBarnus!

    Btw Russian is very easy to learn – I memorised the Cyrillic alphabet back in 2012, and some basic pronouns (e.g. “you”, “I”, “her”, “we”, “us”, etc), prepositions (e.g. “to”, “from”, “by”, “for”, etc), and other commonly used words and phrases.

    Once you can read the Cyrillic alphabet, you will be able to pronounce a lot of Russian words, and you’ll find that many of them sound a lot like English (as they may be loan words from English in the first place). For e.g. “music” in Russian sounds like “muzyika”, “office” is “ofees”, “group” is “groopoo”, “interesting” is “interesnaya”, “avatar” is “avatarka”, “moderator” is “moderatorov”, and so on.

    1. Stupid language because ‘I’ don’t know it. You know what? Stupid all languages that I don’t understand! I can’t understand them, so they are stupid, not me!
      Stupid russian people that gives away free games!
      Also stupid KukaBarnus for waisting his time to write all steps (btw thanks for inf about GA bro), but I’m to lazy to read freaking description, so he’s stupid!
      Stupid GoogleTranslate that can… TRANSLATE most things to smoething sufficiently understandable.
      Also stupid common sense – if you use your brain it will suggest you, that all you have to do is: click on links and like/follow everything you can… as in EVERY GIVEAWAY…
      But why would you do that wwhen you can just call everything stupid?!

      1. You explained what to do, and even without it, by deduction we could understand what to do (the first links refer to a post so “retweet”, then links to curators or groups so “join or follow” Then appear a big red button for the key.

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