Lone Leader

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Developed by SGTTB_SirGoose, This Title Features Steam Trading Cards and is Single-player Only. This Game is in the Open World Horror Survival Genre Where Your Only Quest is to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Happy gaming!

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  1. Kathy, the link of trashville giveaway seems to former one.
    ‘https://gleam.io/MR07o/active-community-giveaway’ works and ‘https://gleam.io/GVHHT/active-community-trashville-giveaway’ is ended. please check it

    1. Please Make Sure Your Steam Profile is Set to Public in Profile Settings. Also Make Sure You Follow on Twitter for That One Task, Let All the Required Webpages to Fully Load, and Join the Steam Groups.

            1. I Have Had Giveawayhopper, Like Marvelousga, Do the Same Thing When Claiming the Key. And Like Marvelousga, There is No Known Fix That I Know of Besides Those Stated. Last Resorts: Try a Different Web Browser, and/ or Use Mobile Browser.

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